As it can be fairly noisy in our studio it is best to drop us an email, but feel free to give us a phone too.

In initial emails, please provide as much information as you can: the materials you plan on using, thicknesses of materials, dimensions, purpose, etc and if you have any drawings or files, send them over to us, ideally in vector format (.ai, .eps, vector .pdf, 2000 .dxf etc), this will allow us to give you a more accurate quote. Until we have the final files and material decisions, any prices we give you will be estimates. Once we are ready to cut, we will give you the final price for your job and won’t start cutting until we have email confirmation of the price.

We do stock a range of materials in house, contact us via email and we can send over an up to date stock and price list.

Due to the nature of our studio, we cannot accommodate clients turning up without prior warning, as we are likely busy with other projects. Please drop us an email of when you would like to come in and see us, if necessary and we can organise a time suitable for the both of us.

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