Vinyl is cut exclusively on our vinyl plotter due to it’s chlorine content.

The self adhesive sheet material comes in 600mm and 1200mm widths in a huge variety of colours. It comes on a backing sheet and the plotter cuts only through the vinyl and leaves the backing sheet in place, so your designs stay in the correct positions relative to each other. We then weed the material not required, the centre of the letters, rest of the sheet, etc, and then use application tape, like giant masking tape, to aid the application onto the wall, window, floor or object.

As standard we stock matte white, black and grey 508, but can order in a wide range of colours, click here to download a scan of the swatch card (please note colours may vary on screens): FLUX_Vinyl Colour Chart_Matt:Gloss

Click here to download our File Guidelines for Vinyl: FLUX_VinylCutting_Guidelines


– rolls come in 600mm and 1200mm width, there MUST be at least 50mm around the outside of the designs to allow for accurate cutting, ie: cutting within 1150mm or 550mm width.
– the vinyl plotter will see all vectors on the file and will cut them, including hidden layers so check your file by using outline view(Command-Y) before sending.
– We need to know whether the vinyl is to be supplied as is, or mirrored(for example to be installed on the inside of a window to be read from outside) and whether it is to be positive(you will recieve the text as the colour ordered) or negative(text removed from large sheet) – if a mix, provide us with a example PDF of what you want to receive.


– minimum capital letter height of 12mm (Font size:17.5mm/51pt/0.7inch/51px) – generally text should run horiztonally across the 1200mm or 600mm roll (unless large simple text over 100mm tall) – all text converted to outline vectors (select all>Type Menu> Create Outlines)


– the vinyl plotter will not see lineweights, so ensure if you are wanting a thick line in the vinyl, outline the path. Likewise with vector line drawings, ensure the vector is how it should be cut. – thin pieces of vinyl, less than 3mm may not remain straight or in one piece, so check over your designs befre sending. – unless lines are joined(not grouped), the vinyl plotter will see them as separate lines and may not cut them together so may result in imperfect finished vinyl – if using live trace, ensure the design is expanded to a vector. – ensure there are no double lines, as cutting over the same line may damage or ruin the vinyl (double lines appear slightly darker and thicker when viewing files in Illustrator as 0.01mm line weight and out- lines-no infill.

Your vinyl will come weeded and have application tape applied(like masking tape) ready to be installed. If you require a rubber squeegee to install it, please ask when ordering and we can supply one. If applying onto a painted wall, it needs to be AT LEAST 24 hours after painting, otherwise will not stick. Windows need to be dry and free from cleaning products as this will affect adhesives and may not stick.


This is widely used in signage, branding, galleries and for many other purposes, get in touch for more information and quotes: