CNC Engrave works in 2 ways: similar to the laser machine:

  • Infill Engrave – the inside area of a shape material is removed to a set depth, for example removingĀ 2mm from the surface of the flat material. It works only in flat layers, but you can create different depths by setting different colours in the design file and providing us with a key as to what each colour means. – Like laser infill engraving it is important that the shape you are wanting to engrave is a sealed joined shape.
  • Outline Engrave – The CNC machine follows a single vector line to engrave to a depth you have specified. This can be used to create detail or marking onto your design and a variety of different cutting bits can be used: V-cutters in various angles, U-cutters with a variety of radiuses and flat endmills with a differing thicknesses.