Raster Engraving, also known as Infill Engraving is a method of marking the surface of the material of an area. The laser’s computer will infill the shaped vector line which you have drawn in the files to etch only the surface of the material: You prepare the file and we program the laser machine to the specific speeds and powers to accurately mark the material.

Above there is an image of vector engraving from 5mm Clear Acrylic and the corresponding file from which the laser machine cut it from. The laser machine reads only outlines not infill, so although your raster engraving will be infilled the file must show only an outline.

A couple of pointers:

  • To differentiate between a cut line, a vector surface cut and an infill engrave, change the colour on the file, like full cut – Red, Infill Engrave-Green and specify on the file in text as to what you intend the coloured lines to be.
  • Infill engraving can be very time consuming, it works like an inkjet printer, moving side to side, turning the laser on and off quickly drawing a line every 0.05mm. So speed up the process arrange all of the parts of the file that require infill engraving together and preferably in a horizontal line across the file so that it can be done all together rather than very slowly moving up the sheet.
  • It is also important that the shape you want to infill is a joined shape, join the lines in your vector program before sending them through to us.