We offer large scale fabrication capabilities, helping you create cost-effective bespoke designs. You might be an artist, designer or industrial fabricator – we can work to your specific requirements. The newest member of the Flux fleet, our full sheet CNC router Clara, can cut and engrave material up to 2400x1200mm dimensions. We work with a range of materials – woods, plastics, foam, polystyrene and more.


The CNC Router works in a similar way to the laser machine, but instead of cutting with a laser beam, a fast spinning cutting bit follows the vector file to cut through the material.

The router can cut through thicker and denser sheet materials than the laser machine and leaves a smooth, unburnt edge, which requires only a small amount of sanding or finishing. We program the files to ensure a good quality and accurate finish.

OpenDesk Slim Chair in Birch Plywood

Birch plywood panels - Mata Hari Restaurant

CNC desk technical drawing

CNC and fabrication space


This can be used to create detail or marking onto your design and a variety of different cutting bits can be used. Again similar to the laser machine we can CNC engrave, both infill – when the inside area of a shape material is removed to a set depth, and outline – when the CNC machine follows a single vector line to engrave to a depth you have specified.

Base for a display case in walnut wood - Westside Distribution

Decorative panel in Oak - Timber Play Scotland

Gantry and router head

CNC motion control system