Plywood and Wood

Wood is a beautiful, natural material to cut and engrave on the laser machine. The maximum thickness that we can cut through depends on the density and how hard the material is.

Laser plywood is affordable and easy to cut. We stock poplar laser plywood, which is lighter in colour and weight than most standard plywoods. The adhesives used in it are specially designed to be used with the laser and leave a lighter and cleaner edge on cut and engravings. We stock this in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm thickness.

We can also useĀ a denser Birch Laser Plywood up to 6mm in thickness and up to our maximum laser bed size of 1200x900mm. We can order this in for you with a few days notice.

We stock and cut high quality Birch Plywood on the CNC in 12mm and 18mm thickness and can order in a wider range of thicknesses and qualities.