We offer a vinyl cutting service, custom lettering and designs for all your display needs. Walls, windows or t-shirts, we know that getting your message across – in just the right colour – is important. We produce vinyl cut designs for a wide variety of clients, including many high profile museums and art galleries. We specialise in quick turnaround and we are understanding of last-minute exhibition deadlines!


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Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl is cut exclusively on our vinyl plotter. This self adhesive sheet material comes in 600mm and 1200mm widths. We are able to cut in a huge variety of colours, just ask and we can find it! It comes on a backing sheet and the plotter cuts only through the vinyl, leaving the backing sheet in place. We weed the material not required, and then use application tape for easy application onto walls, windows, floors or objects.

Window display at The Glasgow School of Art Shop

Thomas Demand, The Common Guild, Glasgow